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Hubei Xunda Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd
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         Chemical Industry Zone,
         Tian Town, Wuxue City,
         Hubei Province, China
Zip code: 435406
Tel: +86-713-6397658 (Sales)
Fax: +86-713-6397659
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     As a high-tech enterprise, Xunda owns experienced technicians and strong
capability of independent innovation. There are 400 staffs in Xunda now, including: 3
doctors, 2 masters, 58 bachelors; 105 technical staffs, 10 of them have senior titles
and 28 have medium titles. At present, we have two research institutes, including
one R & D center of our company, which is working hard on the research and
development of ibuprofen series of anti-inflammatory & analgesic APIs; another is
the Shanghai Xunda Pharmaceutical and Chemical Institute, which is working hard
on the research and development of pharmaceutical Intermediates and fine chemicals. In 2009, our "the synthesis method of Ketoprofen in ethylbenzene" won the national invention patent (ZL200710169101.1); with this patent, our company has had five patents: "the synthesis method of high quality Ketoprofen in low cost" was rated as the world's leading technology by experts; "the synthesis method of Phosphonomycin (R)-1-phenethylamine salt in Phosphonomycin (L)-1-phenethylamine salt", "the new preparation method of Fosfomycin Trometamol " solve the technical bottleneck of restricting the development of fosfomycin, therefore improve and promote the production technology of China for fosfomycin.

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