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Hubei Xunda Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd
Add: Makou Pharmaceutical&
         Chemical Industry Zone,
         Tian Town, Wuxue City,
         Hubei Province, China
Zip code: 435406
Tel: +86-713-6397658 (Sales)
Fax: +86-713-6397659
Email: [email protected]
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Event record
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September 20, 2010 WEe had celebration of Tenth anniversary, party leaders attended the ceremony and , Mayor Wu Meijing
delivered an important speech.
July 29, 2010 The new plant was started in Wuxue High-tech Park of Hubei Province
April 2010 We finished transformation of N0. 1 plant and successfully increased the output of Phosphonomycin (R)-1-phenethylamine salt
2010 Loxoprofen Sodium and D-threonine were put into industrial production
2010 we were named as the Outstanding company of Hubei Province for work of SME Innovation Fund
2009 we were named as the key company for IPO of Hubei Province (61 companies in of Hubei Province)
2009 was named as the Key company of roadmap plan of Hubei province
2009 was named as an innovative pilot unit of Hubei Province
2009 Fosfomycin Calcium was put into industrial production
December 29, 2009 "the synthesis method of Ketoprofen in ethylbenzene" got the national patent
2009 we apssed the GMP-site audit of Japanese Ministry of Health
December 16, 2009 Ketoprofen got the COS certification of EU
2008 First-stage project was completed and put into production
2008 our 150 ton/a of Phosphonomycin (R)-1-phenethylamine salt project was completed
2008 we werer awarded as trustworthy unit of Hubei Province
September 8, 2008 Our company changed its name to Hubei Xunda Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
2007 We became the exemption enterprise of industrial and commercial bureau and tax-exemption (Class A
enterprise) enterprise
August 28, 2006 we got the foreign manufacturer certification of Japanese pharmaceutical products
2006 we founded R & D Center
2006 our 150 ton/a of Ketoprofen project was completed
2005 HENYOU trademark was registered
2005 4-Biphenylacetic acid was put into production
2005 we got the safe production license of Hubei Province
2004 we got the supports form National SME Technology Innovation Fund
2003 we were ranked as 3A credit enterprises by ABC of Hubei Province
November 2002 we became a High-tech enterprises in Hubei Province
September 17, 2002 Ketoprofen product got the certification of national GMP
May 29, 2002 we founded Wuxue Xunda Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
2002 we made technology breakthrough for the production method of Ketoprofen
September 20, 2000 We entered Erliban Group and purchased Ketoprofen
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